Studio Policies And Tuition

About Private Lessons

Private lessons occur once a week during the school year, and a final recital takes place at the end of each semester. You should discuss your goals for the semester with me at the beginning of each semester. If you are thinking of taking auditions or examinations, let me know as soon as possible. Keep in mind that it takes at least a few weeks or even months to prepare for orchestra auditions.

About Suzuki Group Lessons:

Group classes are an essential part of the Suzuki method. Group classes are also fun and exciting! Students who took group classes in my studio were far more likely to remember old songs, memorize their music, and master important musicianship skills such as rhythm and listening. Group classes are fun, interactive, and develop skills that we learn during the private lessons. Group classes also allow me to give more individual attention to bow hold, violin hold and other technical skills your children are developing. Group classes are offered to students taking private lessons, and not as a stand-alone program.

The Suzuki Method:

The Suzuki Method is widely used in violin studios and conservatories around the world. Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist, wished to bring the joy of music to young children through the Mother Tongue approach. Teachers still use the basic principles developed by Suzuki over seventy years ago to introduce kids to the violin in a fun and natural way. 

For more information on the Suzuki Method, visit Suzuki Association of the Americas Website.

Fall 2020 Rates:

Private Lessons:

30-Minute lesson: $48

45-Minute lesson: $72

1 hour lesson: $96

Private lessons are billed monthly.

Group classes: 

Fall semester: $140 (7 classes)

Spring semester: $220 (11 classes)

Group classes are 45-50 minutes long and billed per semester

New students are required to fill in the Student Registration Form.

Schedule 2021-2022

Fall Semester: September 6-December 17

Spring Semester: January 10-June 3

Breaks: Yom Kippur, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter Recess, Spring Recess, Memorial Day.

Studio Policies:

Learning violin is fun, meaningful experience that can change your life! In order for you to enjoy your lesson and benefit from my teaching, I have made this document to help parents and students understand the responsibilities that come with the violin.

  1. Students are expected to perform in at least 2 recitals (excluding college students/adults). Recital dates for the 2021-2022 academic year:
    1. Recital 1 —November 7 (continuing students only / class recital – no pianist)
    2. Recital 2 —January 9 (final fall recital)
    3. Recital 3 ­­—March 20 (class recital – no pianist)
    4. Final Recital—June 5 (final spring recital)
  2. Students (except new students joining in the middle of the semester) are required to take in at least 10 lessons in the fall semester and 15 lessons in the spring semester. College students/adults may attend fewer lessons if their academic schedule does not allow it (in this case please make arrangements with me in advance if you wish to take part in student recitals).Beginners are encouraged to attend lessons weekly and to schedule make-up lessons if they miss lessons during their first and second semester. The first year of violin is also the most challenging, as students need time to get familiar with the bow hold, violin hold, and basic musical concepts needed to start playing. Zoom lessons are a good substitute if you cannot attend in person.
  3. Attendance: students or parents are required to give notice in advance if not attending a lesson due to any reason, the sooner the better (see below). Not appearing in the agreed upon lesson time with no notice is considered a “no show”, and these lessons will be charged at full price. Please see the section on “How to prepare for my violin lesson”
    • It is simple to avoid a no-show situation – just remember to let me know before 12 PM on the date of the lesson, or sooner (the sooner, the better). If even that is not possible, let me know anyway – I might still be able to find an alternative time for your lesson.
    • Students are allowed two makeup lessons per semester. No shows do not qualify for makeups.
  4. Snow days: often roads are cleared by late morning or early afternoon, but please use your best judgement. If you feel driving conditions are hazardous, contact me directly. 
  5. Evaluation: Recitals are not graded. Parents or students can ask for evaluation of their recital performances, but those will not affect their ability to continue to the next year.