Online and At-Home Lessons

With a canine helper during a Zoom lesson

Online learning on the violin is good option for many students who are old enough to follow instruction using a computer or tablet. Even if you can’t make it to the lesson, you can still learn from home safely and effectively! I will send you practice notes after your lesson. Many students thrive with online instruction, so if you think that online is the right choice for you, take a trial Zoom lesson to see if it is the right choice for you.

At Home Lessons

You can take lessons at home if you live within a reasonable driving distance from my studio, and there will be an additional small mileage fee based on location. If you are interested in at-home lessons, please send me an email or clearly state that you want lessons at home in your lesson registration form.

Lessons at home can be a great option if driving to the studio is not an option, but always make sure that you have a separate room set up for the lesson with no other siblings or interruptions. At home students are required to attend all recitals at the Gaithersburg studio. Piano rehearsals will also take place at the Gaithersburg studio, unless the student arranges for a pianist to come to their home.

How do I get started with Zoom

See on how to set up Zoom on your system

You will receive an email with specific instructions before your first Zoom lesson